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Braised Pork Chops with

Creamy Mustard Sauce


What's better than pork chops that practically cook themselves? Only this delicious mustard sauce to go on top! Wide egg noodles make the perfect accompaniment to such a savory dish.



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"Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2,000 of something."


~Mitch Hedberg



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Q: I recently purchased 2 beautiful rosemary bushes. I replanted them in a one large

pot for my lanai. I live in Fort Myers, Florida. They were so fragrant when I purchased them, now they are barely secreting any fragrance.    What am I doing wrong?  thank much  RJ


A: I'm not clear if you mean just smelling nice in passing or if they don't have much flavor. If it's the aroma, it could just be that you were moving them around alot at first and causing them fragrance to be more apparent. Now, they are still and you might just have become accustomed to the aroma. Many people plant herbs in spots where they will often get brushed up against so that they give off a lovey scent. If it is the flavor that isn't so apparent, be sure that you are not using fertilizer. This stimulates the leaves to grow faster rather than put their energy into creating the all-important essential oils.


Q: Hi, I was wondering why my mint has yellow flowers on it. My parents have never seen this before. Thank you. JB


A: Every reference I have says mint flowers are purple, pink or white. Perhaps your plant is not actually mint, but a member of the mint family. The Lamaiaceae family is quite large and can be identified by their square stems.


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Q: What is the difference between spices and herbs. At age almost 60, I am learning to cook. YEA!! MT

A: Congratulations! Cooking is a rewarding endeavor. Generally speaking, spices are fruits or seeds, or in the case of cinnamon--bark, of plants while herbs are leaves. Please see our "Articles" list for information on individual herbs and spices to learn more.

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